Face Renew 100 – Micro-dermabrasion face cream

The formula of Matis Face Renew 100 is based on the same fine, abrasive particles that improve skin texture, brighten the complexion, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and irregularities and create a new skin effect.
Contenance : 50 mL


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Corindon, AHA.
Apply generously on the face and gently massage using circular movements. Then leave it for 2-5 minutes – Matis Face Renew 100 may also be used on hands and the neckline – Then carefully rinse with water. Use no more than once per week. Usage warnings: Apply on healthy skin – Avoid contact with eyes. In the case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water – Avoid all exposure to sunlight during the day after application, then use adequate sun protection – Do not mix this treatment with others that may be irritating or cause sensitivity.

A new generation resurfacing product, which awakens the skin radiance.





Very tiny abrasive mineral particles acting as a mechanical exfoliation.



Phytomarin Complex (lactic acid, malic acid, pyruvic acid) from red seaweeds with exceptional virtues.  AHA from marine origin are gentler than fruit acids.

Visible Results

Performance evaluation with a self-assessment questionnaire:

From the first application…

  • Tiny abrasive particules bring a feeling of efficiency: 100%

After each application…

  • Skin looks immediately new: 100%
  • After rinsing… wrinkles appear reduced: 96%

Between two applications…

  • Skin texture is refined and irregularities less visible: 100%

Results expressed in % satisfaction by 27 volunteers after 4 weeks of weekly application.

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