Hyalushot-Eyes – High impregnation biocellulose mask

The Hyalushot-Eyes high impregnation mask is made from all natural cellulose fibres. Its unique shape wraps around the entire eye area and upper and lower lids, including crow's feet wrinkles. Like a second skin, its microstructure perfectly hugs wrinkles and blemishes.

In 15 minutes, the hyaluronic acid and arbutin formula works with the principle of occlusion to visibly lighten under-eye circles for an instant radiance boost. Perfect to use in combination with Global-Eyes.
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Thanks to the principle of occlusion, biocellulose optimises the effectiveness of the mask by promoting the synergy of the ingredients.

A 3D structure that molds perfectly to the skin’s surface. A second-skin effect, fresh and pleasant.





The hyaluronic acid present in this formula has a medium weight, ideal for immediate re-plumping effect.



A natural ingredient found especially in the bearberry. It is essential in brightening the eye contour and lessening the appearance of dark circles.

Visible Results

From the first application:

  • 87% dark circles less hollow.
  • 83% dark circles less colored.

Results of self-evaluation on 23 volunteers expressed in % of satisfaction after one single use.

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