Josephine Set

Time-Balance 50 ml : 

This care delivers a targeted action to visibly improve signs of the menopause on the skin. Its sensual texture envelops the skin in a protective cocoon. Its expert formula combines a marine-derived ingredient and cocoa bean extract to reduce the appearance of aging and find smoother skin. The sensory experience is complete, the skin seems strengthened, firmer and smoothed. Former designation: Revitalizing Omega 3 Cream.

Densifiance-Mask 50 ml :

The essential complement to accompany and support the skin against sagging skin. At the heart of the formula, DensiDerm technology of plant origin which acts as a true architect of the skin. An enzymatic principle supplemented by the presence of nanocitrus helps reveal radiance over time. Its comfort texture is adorned with mini pearls, sips of nutrients. They crush voluptuously on the skin at the time of application. Ideal for tired mature skin lacking tone.


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