Cleanser and lotion

Make-up removal is an essential part of the beauty routine. It is an essential gesture to eliminate residues of pollution, sebum and make-up, in short to take good care of the skin before it receives other skin care products.

Authentik-Balm Remover – Balm-to-oil make-up remover
This balm has a rich, comfortable texture. It is a...
Face lotion
Authentik-Essence – Essential toner, prepares for treatment
This toner puts the finishing touch on make-up removal and...
Foaming face cleanser
Authentik-Foam – Clarifying, self-foaming cleanser
This foaming cleanser is activated with water contact to create...
Cleansing face milk
Authentik-Milk – Essential make-up remover milk
This voluptuous milk gently removes makeup. Its velvety texture, fluid...
Micellar face water
Authentik-Water – Anti-pollution, micellar water
This micellar water traps and removes in a single step...
Invigorating radiance toner
Glow-Essence – Invigorating radiance lotion
So much more than a simple cleansing lotion, it invigorates...
Hyaluronic face lotion
Hyalu-Essence – Face lotion, immediate smoothing
Use this high-tech treatment lotion as the first step in...
Micellar eye cleansing water
Micell-Eyes – Eye micellar water for lashes and eyelash extensions
This micellar makeup removal toner suited for sensitive eyes, removes...
Cleansing gel for combination and oily skin
Perfect-Clean – Gentle exfoliating, purifying and cleansing gel
This cleansing face gel is formulated to clean blemish-prone skin...
Face lotion for sensitive skin
Sensi-Essence – gentle toner, sensitive skin
This gentle alcohol-free toner is a complement to the cleaning...
Face cleanser for sensitive skin
Sensi-Milk – make-up remover
This no-rinse ultra-gentle make-up remover, eliminates make-up while respecting the...
Cleansing cream for sensitive skin
Sensicleansing-Cream-Comfort make-up remover cream, sensitive skin
This creamy formula gently removes make-up and is suitable for...