Réponse Pureté

A Réponse that is completely adapted to give freshness and beauty to combination to oily skin without damaging it. It seeks to improve skin appearance and texture, reduce pores moisturize and mattify.

This make-up remover lotion helps perfect the skin's complexion daily....
Cleansing gel for combination and oily skin
Perfect-Clean – Gentle exfoliating, purifying and cleansing gel
This cleansing face gel is formulated to clean blemish-prone skin...
SOS paste for localized imperfections
Perfect-Eraser – SOS paste, localized imperfections
Designed for use on targeted blemishes, this eraser is the...
Purifying face lotion
Perfect-Essence – Purifying essence, clarifies skin AHA, ivy extract.
This light, refreshing lotion is ideal for priming blemish-prone skin...
Purifying clay face mask
Perfect-Mask – Purifying clay mask, ”skin cleansing” effect
This purifying mask is ideal for blemish-prone skin. Yellow clay...
Perfect-Peel Mask – Mattifying and exfoliating mask, minimizes the appearance...
A full mask which helps skin's complexion. At the core...
Mattifying face cream
Pore-Perfect – Mattifying care
This cream for blemish-prone skin blots away shine. Its creamy...
Wrinkle face cream for oily skin
Pure-Age – Wrinkles correcting care, perfect clear skin
This cream is designed for blemish-prone skin. Its light, melting...
Serum for oily skin
Pure-Serum – Perfecting balancing serum
Formulated for combination and oily skin, this complexion-perfecting serum leaves...