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Provides the skin around the eyes with everything it needs, thanks to formulas in perfect affinity with the skin.

Biphase-Eyes – Smoothing make-up remover, special waterproof
This makeup remover quickly and gently eliminates even the most...
Eye cream for wrinkles, dark circles and bags
Global-Eyes – Eye treatment, bags, dark circles, wrinkles
This global treatment that is specially adapted for the eye...
In the Montains Memories Pouch
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Includes: Cell-Skin and Recomfort-Eyes.
Anti-fatigue eye lotion
Infusion-Eyes – Leave on eyes, relaxing bath
This relaxing treatment is specially formulated for the delicate eye...
Smoothing eye cream
Lifting-Eyes – Smoothing treatment, crow’s feet wrinkles
This treatment specially formulated for the eye area, helps tone...
Micellar eye cleansing water
Micell-Eyes – Eye micellar water for lashes and eyelash extensions
This micellar makeup removal toner suited for sensitive eyes, removes...
Eye nourishing mask
Recomfort-Eyes – Nourishing eye mask, extreme comfort
This mask has a creamy texture, providing comfort to the...
Eye cream for dark circles and bags
Relax-Eyes – Anti-fatigue treatment, dark circles and bags
This anti-fatigue treatment, which is suitable for the fine and...