Réponse Délicate

Sensitive skin is reactive to stress, whether it be environmental or climatic; the result is a lack of comfort and tightness. Matis has developed solutions in Réponse Délicate that help soothe skin, giving it back a sensation of comfort and suppleness.

Once upon a time… Les Minis Délicate
Includes: Sensiflora-Cream 20 mL + Sensiflora-Peel 20 mL.
Once upon a time… Réponse Délicate
179,00$ 117,00$
Includes: Sensi-Age 50 mL + Sensi-Mask 50 mL.
Sensi-Age – Wrinkle correction
This new correcting care is a genuine anti-aging beauty experience....
Sensi-Essence – gentle toner, sensitive skin
This gentle alcohol-free toner is a complement to the cleaning...
Sensi-Mask – Soothing mask, sensitive skin
This soothing mask reduces discomfort and is suitable for sensitive...
Sensi-Milk – make-up remover
This no-rinse ultra-gentle make-up remover, eliminates make-up while respecting the...
Sensibiotic – Bioflora re-balancing care, sensitive skin
This balancing cream is ideal for sensitive skin and those...
Sensibiotic-Peel – Granule-free scrub, sensitive skin
This granule-free scrub respects the epidermis of the most fragile...
Sensibiotic-Serum – Sensitive skin serum
116,00$ 69,00$
This serum for sensitive skin rebalances the cutaneous ecosystem. Its...
Sensicleansing-Cream-Comfort make-up remover cream, sensitive skin
This creamy formula gently removes make-up and is suitable for...