A professional brand with expert products and treatments

It all began in 1936. Dr. Mavromati's pharmacy was opened in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. He formulated a few products in the back of the store, which he shared with the local beauties, who were delighted to have a pharmacist near them who also took care of their complexion.

Today the MATIS brand remains true to itself, with proven know-how, products that elegantly combine effectiveness and sensoriality, always listening to consumers, in constant dialogue with beauticians to go further, to be ever more effective, different.

It is all this that makes MATIS still there today, 85 years later, a brand of proximity that we want to try and share.


MATIS has built its success on the art of French skincare, its unique personalized treatments and its experience in the institute. At 71 Avenue Foch, the MATIS teams develop customized products and treatment protocols for a unique sensory experience. Always attentive to women’s needs, MATIS offers each woman a treatment… a ritual… an answer.


With its visionary spirit, bold formulas and advanced laboratory, Matis has become THE brand for cutting-edge scientific and technical high-quality treatments. We own a 8000m2 production site in the Paris region. This location also includes our Research & Development Department and a high-performance logistics unit shipping our products towards 70 countries on a permanent basis. We are certified ISO 22716 what confirms our strong QUALITY commitment.


Over-informed in terms of beauty, with an openness to the whole world, women and men want the best. Efficiency and respect for the skin. Natural and high-tech. Chic and high-tech. They no longer want to have to choose between an institutional brand with proven know-how and a start-up with eco-friendly formulas. For them, MATIS will reconcile the two.

HIGH-TECH formulas, but more GREEN and CLEAN

To take into account women’s expectations and environmental issues, while remaining consistent with the brand’s DNA, MATIS has been developing a new formulation charter since 2020. This charter allows, among other things, to modify the preservative system, to abandon the most controversial raw materials.


MATIS does not intend to become an organic or natural brand, but remains faithful to its historical pillars which have made it what it is for 85 years. Indeed, since always, the qualities of MATIS products are the effectiveness, the texture, the fragrance.


A vision of EXPRESSIVE BEAUTY, both chic and natural

With this French touch that seduces the whole world, MATIS appeals to the naturally chic woman, who charms almost in spite of herself, assumes her beauty, her personality and her age. Because women are never as beautiful as when they feel good about themselves and their age, MATIS advocates expressive, natural, assumed beauty, in motion.


The MATIS Research & Development center is inspired by the latest scientific advances in medicine, molecular biology and cellular biology to create cutting-edge skin care products. MATIS offers formulas adapted to all skin problems. Each “Réponse” is therefore unique, personalized and makes it possible to prolong the effectiveness of professional care at home. 


Highly concentrated, MATIS formulas offer rapid results and make room for the most powerful and precious active ingredients. The pleasure textures reflect the French epicurean tradition. Combined with the beautician’s technique, they offer the best conditions for receptivity of the treatment, for visible and long-lasting results.


At MATIS, laboratory efficiency plays a major role in product innovation. However, the scientific and technical dimension of the brand is also the basis of its expertise in our professional care.


Also, each protocol, each technique, each innovation has been tested at length, because what has always been important to us is the result, the satisfaction and the well-being of women while respecting their individuality.


From New York to Hong-Kong by way of Tokyo and Moscow, we have become one of the key Brands on the global cosmetics market. This is the reason why our commitment is to create product lines completely adjusted to international markets’ expectations.