Réponse Densité

The very essence of Matis’ advanced research to reduce the signs of time. The Réponse Densité product line is an ideal partner for women who are mindful of cosmetic innovations. Réponse Densité brings together unique complexes of ingredients in its creamy, generous formulas. Its products provide comfort, tone and firmness. Over 40 years old.

Cocoa-Matcha Set
Includes: Time-Balance + Global-Eyes
Firming face cream
Densifiance – Firmness care
Intense daily cream to help skin stay firm and supple,...
Reshaping night face cream
Densifiance-Night – Night reshaping care
An exceptional skincare program to help mature skin regain the...
Firming booster face serum
Densifiance-Serum – Firmness booster, reshapes the contours
A shot of youth and radiance to the skin. With...
Oil serum for devitalized skin
Olea-Science – Serum-in-oil, devitalized skin
This oil is specifically designed for devitalized skin. Its fine...
Resourcing face cream
Olea-Skin – Resourcing, remineralizing care
A fortifying cream for deficient mature skin. Olea-Skin is a...
Once upon a time… Réponse Densité
Includes: Densifiance 50 mL + Densifiance-Serum 30 mL.
Omega 3 face cream for mature skin
Time-Balance – Compensation omega 3 care, balance and well-being
This care delivers a targeted action to visibly improve signs...