How do seasonal changes affect your skin?

Just as we change our clothes for each season, it is also important to use different skin care products. A change of season almost always means a change in environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, sun, wind)—a factor that disrupts your epidermis and your skin’s barrier function, thus its ability to stay healthy.   While it’s important […]

Managing the Effects of Stress on Your Skin

Has your skin been testing your patience lately? Rashes, dullness, redness, blemishes… You’re not alone and this may not be a coincidence. There could be a scientific reason behind the increase in these problems, and it may not even occur to you. Stress, although invisible, could very well be the hidden culprit behind many skin […]

Discovering Plant Stem Cells

Plant regeneration at the cell and tissue level is a unique process. Like human stem cells, they have exceptional power of self-regeneration. Epidermal stem cells are located in the deep layer of the epidermis. Their role is to ensure the complete renewal of the epidermis approximately every twenty-eight days throughout life. Constantly solicited, the skin […]

Hyaluronic acid: the superstar in skin care

If there’s one “trendy” skin care ingredient whose benefits are truly worth your time, it’s probably hyaluronic acid. Find out what’s behind this popular consumer ingredient.   What is hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a type of sugar that your body makes naturally: a long-chain carbohydrate found in our bodies and primarily in our […]

A beard in perfect shape

Taking care of your skin is not a gender issue. It is an important part of the daily hygiene routine for everyone. And with the massive development of the concept of well-being, men are more openly assuming the importance of taking care of themselves and their skin. They take care of their appearance and adopt […]

Understand and Refine Your Skin’s Texture

For something so small, the pores of our skin can sometimes make us anxious. And with good reason, because unlike our other organs, we see the condition of our skin on a daily basis, and yes, that includes dilated “pores”. Clarification of Terms to Use To begin, it is important to note that pores are […]