Taking care of your skin is not a gender issue. It is an important part of the daily hygiene routine for everyone. And with the massive development of the concept of well-being, men are more openly assuming the importance of taking care of themselves and their skin. They take care of their appearance and adopt various trends, such as the beard.

But even though beards are in vogue, it seems that men have not yet adopted all the right steps to take proper care of them. Studies show that bearded men don’t wash their beards every day and that a quarter of them do so no more than four times a week.

We already know that hair retains sebum, dead skin, pollution particles, pollen and other bacteria. Needless to say, wearing a beard requires good maintenance.

Facial and beard hygiene must be adapted to each person’s lifestyle (sports, public transport, living environment, contact with others, etc.). Cleansing the face significantly reduces the amount of infectious agents and dirt accumulated on the skin and hair during the day. It is also important to mention that men’s epidermis is composed of moresebaceous glands and requires regular cleansing and exfoliation to regulate the amount of sebum.

It is also important to note that it is necessary to dry and untangle the bard at each cleansing to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and to remove stubborn residues with a brush. Complete the treatment with an oil or cream to soften, moisturize and protect the skin and hair. This step is meant to act as a protective barrier. This ensures good hygiene and optimal personal comfort.