Plant regeneration at the cell and tissue level is a unique process. Like human stem cells, they have exceptional power of self-regeneration. Epidermal stem cells are located in the deep layer of the epidermis. Their role is to ensure the complete renewal of the epidermis approximately every twenty-eight days throughout life.

Constantly solicited, the skin is constantly subjected to numerous stresses due to lifestyle (stress, smoking, diet, sedentary lifestyle) and external aggression (climatic conditions, pollution). Consequence: the cells are over-activated to respond to these stresses. However, this excessive activity only leads to cellular dysfunction and metabolic waste, which further accelerates the aging of the cells.

Thus, the unique properties of plant stem cells have been a recent area of interest, focusing both on the development of new cosmetic products and the study of how these extracts will affect our skin.

Plant stem cells are cosmetic ingredients extracted from plants through biotechnology. This cosmetic technology is not medicine: there is no question of replacing aging cells with young cells, or even of stimulating stem cells.

However, the role of cosmetics is to protect the microenvironment in which stem cells are housed. Stem cells have a global action on the quality of the skin. The purpose of cosmetics is therefore to protect them, to optimize their environment, but also to help them restore their ability to divide properly.

Thanks to stem cell technology, researchers are able to extract tissues from plants. The world of plants has provided an inexhaustible source of medicinal plants used in their raw form as herbal ointments and powders. Today, researchers are focusing on the capacity of plants for human use. It is therefore believed that nature has provided an excellent reservoir of remedies for skin care. Stem cell technology holds promise for stem cell-based cosmetics, which use plant extracts to make skin more beautiful.

At Matis, we have chosen to harness the powers of the white rose for its incomparable resistance and also for its richness in proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, which helps the skin prolong its ability to initiate its renewal process. It is through the Cell Expert that we find all the elegance, purity and power of the plant stem cell extracts.