Eyes and lips

The first area that shows signs of fatigue and signs of age, because it is the thinnest and poorest area in terms of sebaceous glands. Specific products minimize the problems inherent to this area.

Biphase-Eyes – Biphase make-up remover, special waterproof
This makeup remover eliminates quickly and gently the longest-lasting make-up,...
Global-Eyes – Eye treatment, bags, dark circles, wrinkles
This global treatment that is specially adapted for the eye...
Hyalu-Lips – Volumizing lip plumping care
This product features an expert formula for visibly fuller and...
Hyalushot-Eyes – High impregnation biocellulose mask
The Hyalushot-Eyes high impregnation mask is made from all natural...
Infusion-Eyes – Leave on eyes, relaxing bath
This relaxing treatment is specially formulated for the delicate eye...
Lifting-Eyes – Smoothing treatment, crow’s feet wrinkles
79,50$ 47,00$
This treatment specially formulated for the eye area, helps tone...
Micell-Eyes – Eye micellar water for lashes and eyelash extensions
This micellar makeup removal toner suited for sensitive eyes, removes...
Recomfort-Eyes – Nourishing eye mask, extreme comfort
This mask has a creamy texture, providing comfort to the...
Relax-Eyes – Anti-fatigue treatment, dark circles and bags
This anti-fatigue treatment, which is suitable for the fine and...
Somptuous Set
270,00$ 137,00$
Includes: The Cream 50 mL + The Eyes 15 mL
The Eyes – Absolute black care with caviar
This iridescent black gel has moisturising properties. It helps to...