Blemish and evenness

You want to regain a glowing and even complexion?

Matis offers effective solutions for radiant skin.

Face lotion
Authentik-Essence – Essential toner, prepares for treatment
This toner puts the finishing touch on make-up removal and...
Dual action exfoliating cream
Authentik-Scrub – Youth dual action, exfoliating cream
This essential scrub exfoliates and softly smooths all skin types,...
Reshaping night face cream
Densifiance-Night – Night remodeling care, luminosity of the complexion
This product is the perfect partner to firm the skin...
Invigorating radiance toner
Glow-Essence – Invigorating radiance lotion
So much more than a simple cleansing lotion, it invigorates...
Radiance exfoliating mask
Glow-Peeloff – Radiance exfoliating mask
This dual-action care, mask and enzymatic peeling is suitable for...
BB cream
Hyalu-BB – Showcase your natural beauty
Hyalu-BB treatment evens the skin tone. This cream acts both...
Perfecting face primer
Hyalu-Liss Primer – Perfecting primer « Blur effect »
Hyalu Liss Primer is a base that is used after...
Skincare foundation
Hyaluliss-Light – Foundation with skincare benefits Light beige
Hyalu-Liss is a foundation that is used after the day...
Skincare foundation
Hyaluliss-Medium – Foundation with skincare benefits Medium beige
Hyalu-Liss is a foundation that is used after the day...
Overnight mask
Night-Reveal 10 – Overnight corrective mask
This night mask helps to find smoother and more beautiful...
Cleansing gel for combination and oily skin
Perfect-Clean – Gentle exfoliating, purifying and cleansing gel
This cleansing face gel is formulated to clean blemish-prone skin...
SOS paste for localized imperfections
Perfect-Eraser – SOS paste, localized imperfections
Designed for use on targeted blemishes, this eraser is the...
Wrinkle face cream for oily skin
Pure-Age – Wrinkles correcting care, perfect clear skin
This cream is designed for blemish-prone skin. Its light, melting...
Serum for oily skin
Pure-Serum – Perfecting balancing serum
Formulated for combination and oily skin, this complexion-perfecting serum leaves...