You skin shows signs of redness accompanied by heat by a general feeling of discomfort?

Whether it is ongoing or for a short period, Matis products exist to calm even the most fragile of skin.

After Sun Soothing Milk
Truly comforting care, After Sun Soothing Milk for face and...
Authentik-Balm Remover – Balm-to-oil make-up remover
This balm has a rich, comfortable texture. It is a...
Cleansing Duo XL sensitive skin
Get the 400 mL for the price of the 200...
Ines Set
Cell-Expert 30 ml : The signature serum helps keep the skin...
Anti-fatigue eye lotion
Infusion-Eyes – Leave on eyes, relaxing bath
This relaxing treatment is specially formulated for the delicate eye...
Micellar eye cleansing water
Micell-Eyes – Eye micellar water for lashes and eyelash extensions
This micellar makeup removal toner suited for sensitive eyes, removes...
After-shave balm for men
Post-Shave – after-shave, comfort and freshness
This soothing balm for skin suffering from razor burn leaves...
Wrinkle face cream for sensitive skin
Sensi-Age – Wrinkle correction
This new correcting care is a genuine anti-aging beauty experience....
Face lotion for sensitive skin
Sensi-Essence – gentle toner, sensitive skin
This gentle alcohol-free toner is a complement to the cleaning...
Soothing mask for sensitive skin
Sensi-Mask – Soothing mask, sensitive skin
This soothing mask reduces discomfort and is suitable for sensitive...
Face cleanser for sensitive skin
Sensi-Milk – make-up remover
This no-rinse ultra-gentle make-up remover, eliminates make-up while respecting the...
Cleansing cream for sensitive skin
Sensicleansing-Cream-Comfort make-up remover cream, sensitive skin
This creamy formula gently removes make-up and is suitable for...
Cream for sensitive skin
Sensiflora-Cream – Bioflora re-balancing care, sensitive skin
This balancing cream is ideal for sensitive skin and those...
Face scrub for sensitive skin
Sensiflora-Peel – Granule-free scrub, sensitive skin
This granule-free scrub respects the epidermis of the most fragile...
Serum for sensitive skin
Sensiflora-Serum – Sensitive skin serum
This serum for sensitive skin rebalances the cutaneous ecosystem. Its...
Omega 3 face cream for mature skin
Time-Balance – Compensation omega 3 care, balance and well-being
This care delivers a targeted action to visibly improve signs...