During the night, as we think everything comes to a stop… It’s just the opposite!

The development of new technologies has changed radically today’s society pointing out a new approach and vision of time.

On the one hand, one has accepted the fast way of living along with a simultaneous hyperactive intuitive behaviour. On the other, the active way of living pushed individuals to chase time and consider it as something rare and precious.

Therefore, the lack of sleep is felt throughout the planet and its consequences on the skin are important.
In the short term:

In the long term:

This sad assessment has driven cosmetology to optimize the night sleep through the chronobiology principle. But first, what is chronobiology?

The skin is a living organism with its own chronobiological rhythms. The skin cells are being modified according to the alternation of day and night. They are at their maximum cell renewal between midnight and 4 a.m. This renewal occurs in a cycle that is programed from 20 to 24 hours: it’s the circadian cycle.

Therefore, while choosing a cream in correlation with this cycle allows maintaining the best skin renewal. This is why night creams were created. They call for a beauty care that can stimulate the skin in its renewal stage and recover from daily damages. Day creams are made to deal with these daily “attacks” when the skin needs moisturizing and protecting properties.

Why insist on a night cream in the professional beauty program you are choosing:

Even if your skin never sleeps… sleep peacefully!