What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin, also called reactive skin, is skin that is more vulnerable to aggression and that reacts excessively to factors that are usually well tolerated. Allergic skin as opposed to sensitive skin reacts only in the presence of allergenic substances. On a daily basis, sensitive skin manifests itself in various discomforts such as tightness, itchiness and burning sensation as well as visual signs such as erythema and scaly rough skin.
While some people are predisposed to this type of skin, others are surprised by sudden episodes called punctually sensitive skin. This occurs when the hydrolipidic film and the stratum corneum are altered by external factors (sun, pollution, temperature changes, limescale water …) or internal factors (stress, fatigue, hormones, emotions …). As a result, the goal is to protect, hydrate and soothe the skin.

How to care for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is also often dehydrated because its protective barrier is impaired. Once or twice a week, re-quench it with a moisturizing mask. As for creams, opt for formulas containing active ingredients that calm the irritation, moisturizes and protects.

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