Specific care

For each concern, a targeted response.

Hand cream
Cashmere-Hand – Youthful hands, nourishing cream
This light, fast-absorbing cream nourishes and soothes the skin. This...
Anti-pollution moisturizing cream
City-Mood – Hydrating shield care, anti-pollution effect
This moisturizing, protective shield is the ultimate secret weapon for...
Deodorant for men
Fresh-Secure – natural origin deodorant, 48 hr high protection
This deodorant of natural origin with a light and fluid...
Plumping lip care
Hyalu-Lips – Volumizing lip plumping care
This product features an expert formula for visibly fuller and...
Moisturizing body cream
Hydra-Motion – Long-lasting moisturizing care, dehydrated skin
This non-greasy moisturizer enhances dry and thirsty skin types. Its...
Déodorant naturel
Natural-Secure, 24hr protection deodorant
This deodorant of natural origin guarantees freshness all day long....
Nutri-Mood – Climatis balm extreme conditions
This balm acts like a true shield, protecting skin from...
SOS paste for localized imperfections
Perfect-Eraser – SOS paste, localized imperfections
Designed for use on targeted blemishes, this eraser is the...
Stretch mark body cream
Stretch-Ha – Cream-gel, stretch marks
This rich creamy gel provides complete care. Its formula contains...