Your skin shows signs of sagging, a lack of tone and firmness responsible for the modification of the face contour.

Matis fights the signs of aging with patented ingredients that boost your skin’s functions.

Firming face cream
Densifiance – Firmness care
Intense daily cream to help skin stay firm and supple,...
Firmness face mask
Densifiance-Mask – Time Reverse Mask firmness and brightness
Densifiance-Mask is an essential skincare addition to firm and tone...
Reshaping night face cream
Densifiance-Night – Night remodeling care, luminosity of the complexion
This product is the perfect partner to firm the skin...
Firming booster face serum
Densifiance-Serum – Firmness booster, reshapes the contours
A shot of youth and radiance to the skin. With...
Eye cream for wrinkles, dark circles and bags
Global-Eyes – Eye treatment, bags, dark circles, wrinkles
This global treatment that is specially adapted for the eye...
Hyaluronic face lotion
Hyalu-Essence – Face lotion, immediate smoothing
Use this high-tech treatment lotion as the first step in...
Skincare foundation
Hyaluliss-Dark – Foundation with skincare benefits Dark beige
Hyalu-Liss is a foundation that is used after the day...
Skincare foundation
Hyaluliss-Light – Foundation with skincare benefits Light beige
Hyalu-Liss is a foundation that is used after the day...
Skincare foundation
Hyaluliss-Medium – Foundation with skincare benefits Medium beige
Hyalu-Liss is a foundation that is used after the day...
Hyaluronic serum
Hyaluperf-Serum – Inspired by aesthetic acts
This serum contains exceptional ingredients to reduce the appearance of...
Josephine Set
Time-Balance 50 ml : This care delivers a targeted action to...
Toning face cream
Lift-Perf – Toning care, smooths wrinkles
This product tones the skin. Its velvety texture absorbs quickly,...
Smoothing eye cream
Lifting-Eyes – Smoothing treatment, crow’s feet wrinkles
This treatment specially formulated for the eye area, helps tone...
Caviar eye cream
The Eyes – Absolute black care with caviar
This iridescent black gel has moisturising properties. It helps to...
Caviar mask for mature skin
The Mask – Remineralizing lacquer with caviar
Its unique formula combines all the power of French caviar...
Caviar serum for mature skin
The Serum – Supreme elixir with caviar
In every drop of this satiny smooth concentrate of exceptional...