We can make up our face, dye our hair, camouflage a few wrinkles with injectable or high-tech products, but as for the neck, cheating without surgery seems more difficult.


Why and How the Neck Ages Faster


Getting older is a privilege. However, with the passage of time comes loss of collagen, flaccidity, wrinkles and skeletal changes, says Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, a New York dermatologist.


In terms of muscle, skeleton and skin, the neck is completely different from the rest of our face and body.



Beware of Posture


How could posture affect the wrinkles in our neck? Think about how many hours you are bent in a forward position over your phone, desk or computer in a day. Several! And multiply those hours by years…


Poor posture puts a lot of strain on the neck and its skin crease and wrinkles set in deeper over time.


It is important to adjust your work equipment to avoid bending, to stretch regularly and to remember to stand up straight. These habits are as good for your back as they are for the skin on your neck.


Double Treatment


It is essential to treat the neck and décolleté with the same morning and evening routine as for the face. And why not move your face cream down to massage the neck and move your body cream up to the neck as well. That way, this delicate area gets the double dose of love it needs.


There are specific creams for the neck and décolleté, but a firming or lightening cream for pigmentation spots can be used alternately to give the skin all the moisture, firmness and radiance it needs.


And finally, the application of a skin care product will be more effective if you take the time to perform an invigorating massage. Take inspiration from various online techniques to maximize the firming and relaxing effect. And above all, remain patient!