Stars of the garden, but also in our cosmetic formulations, flowers are ingredients of choice in cosmetics, and with good reason, because their virtues are numerous.

As many species as there are possibilities for the skin

There are currently some 250,000 species of flowers on the planet, representing more skin options than we know. Several varieties of flowers have anti-free radical properties, reducing the formation of free radicals that cause premature skin aging. Many also have moisturizing potential, some are softening, some soothing, some cleansing or toning.

Flowers in all their forms

– Floral waters (hydrolat) are used as a tonic or to replace water, the main ingredient in a formula.

– Floral essential oils are widely used in cosmetics both for their specific properties and their pleasant fragrance.

– Flower extracts including petals and pistils are generally the stars of a product because of their high concentration of active ingredient.

– Finally, flower absolutes are the result of a highly concentrated liquid extraction to provide a pronounced base note.

Matis’ garden

Flowers are present in several Matis Réponse. Here are the main ones:

Rose is both soothing and astringent, it prevents the first signs of aging and improves the appearance of damaged skin thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most widely used flowers in beauty care. It is found in the Cell Expert, in several Réponse Préventive products and in Réponse Caviar creams.

Witch hazel is renowned for its toning and stimulating virtues. Witch hazel extract stimulates blood microcirculation and decongests tissues. Very versatile, it also helps to relieve skin irritations. Matis uses it in Réponse Regard.

The petals of the saffron flower will bring a real feeling of comfort to the skin by controlling and reducing inflammatory reactions. The petals also have anti-stress properties that make the skin more receptive. Réponse Délicate makes it its star ingredient.

Rich in vital juices, tannins and carbohydrates, the iris flower will help the skin regain its elasticity, suppleness and tone in the Réponse Densité. Iris flower is especially recommended for sensitive skin that will find real comfort. It also relieves seborrhea of the epidermis. The iris deposits a protective veil on the epidermis which curves, vitalizes and durably reinforces the natural functions of the epidermis.

Wild yam has become a plant of reference in the fight against hormonal imbalances, particularly those occurring during the menopause. In Réponse Densité, it improves the structure of the skin as a whole, allowing it to keep its youthful appearance.