Your skin gets raw, stiff and flaky?

Matis’ creamy textures fill your skin’s need for oil so you find immediate comfort.

Anti-aging face care for normal to dry skin
Age-Mood – Aging signs in progress, normal to dry skin
This targeted expert cream reduces the appearance of the signs...
Authentik-Balm Remover – Balm-to-oil make-up remover
This balm has a rich, comfortable texture. It is a...
Fundamental beautifying cream
Authentik-Beauty – Fundamental beautifying cream
This Matis iconic care, with its enveloping texture, fits in...
Authentik-Fundamental Mask – Dual-phase mask, hydrating, nourishing
This essential mask is the perfect secret weapon for all...
Cleansing face milk
Authentik-Milk – Essential make-up remover milk
This voluptuous milk gently removes makeup. Its velvety texture, fluid...
Cleansing oil
Authentik-Oil – Comfort cleansing oil
This ultra sensory oil with fine and lightweight texture fits...
Hand cream
Cashmere-Hand – Youthful hands, nourishing cream
This light, fast-absorbing cream nourishes and soothes the skin. This...
Nutri-Mood – Climatis balm extreme conditions
This balm acts like a true shield, protecting skin from...
Nutri-Mood – Rich lipid face serum
This lipid-restoring serum is the perfect solution for dry to...
Oil serum for devitalized skin
Olea-Science – Serum-in-oil, devitalized skin
This oil is specifically designed for devitalized skin. Its fine...
Eye nourishing mask
Recomfort-Eyes – Nourishing eye mask, extreme comfort
This mask has a creamy texture, providing comfort to the...
Caviar night cream
The Night – Absolute care with caviar
Suffering from no daily external aggression, during the night, the...
Caviar serum for mature skinCaviar serum for mature skin
The Serum – Supreme elixir with caviar
In every drop of this satiny smooth concentrate of exceptional...